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TIP OF THE DAY - Using children to stop smoking

Posted by Paul Royter on Thursday, August 2, 2012
Using Children to Stop Smoking 
If you have attempted to quit smoking you no doubt realize just how easy it was to get started smoking compared to actually quitting.  Maybe the reason you are trying to quit is to set a good example for your children.  This is one reason why many parents find themselves struggling to quit.  They do not want their children to grow up thinking that it is ok to smoke, and it is necessary that they quit in order to set a great example.  If you find yourself in this position, there are several things you can do to help make the situation much better.

One such idea that you can use would be to actually invite your children to watch the struggle.  This means asking your child to be your help and strength when you are tempted to smoke.  Simply talking to them about your struggles to quit can be a great way to show how difficult it really is, while at the same time getting your issues out in the open.  Many times talking about problems can make them seem much smaller.  This is a great way to help fight the urges of cigarettes as well, after all many parents who have open and honest relationships with their children are able to talk about a lot of issues.  Use this opportunity to talk about things that are important, and encourage the extra support that you receive at the same time.

If you are focusing more on your child when you have an urge to smoke, and less on where exactly your pack of cigarettes is located it will be easier to reduce urges.  You should encourage your child to help you find out remedies to your urges.  For example, going with you to the store to pick out suitable candy to chew on when you get an urge, or telling you the dangers of using nicotine in alternate forms such as Nicorette.

Allowing them to be a part of your decisions can help them to see the exact struggles that you are going through.  If you merely hide your problems behind a closed door, your children may grow up thinking that it is actually easy to smoke.  This could even lead them to being tempted to smoke.  However, just because you are trying to have an open relationship with your child does not mean that you should actually smoke around them.  The harm that second hand smoke can cause should be enough to keep you from lighting up around you.

Of course, each family has different ideas about what is acceptable to talk about, and even comfort levels.  If you feel that you are pushing the borders of what you are comfortable with you can always adjust this.  However, using your children to help encourage you to quit is great.  After all, kids are notorious for picking on people and pointing out flaws.  If you allow your child to help you with your smoking urges you may find that you really do not want to smoke anymore at all if your children are busy picking on you the entire time.  No matter what works best for you and your particular situation you need to grasp at any opportunity to encourage a bond and crush the urge to smoke. 

Another way to use your kids to help you stop is to realize that if you don't quit you might not be around much longer to watch your kids grow up and mature.  Not only will the kids not be around for you to enjoy, but you will be dead and no longer there as a parent to help and guide them.

Either way your child will be very proud of you after you have quit, and you will certainly have  much greater confidence increased happiness.                                                                                                                                         Paul Royter / EZ Method




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