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Overcoming Nicotine Addiction for Good

Posted by Paul Royter on Friday, September 7, 2012
Overcoming Nicotine Addiction for Good

In order to really quit smoking it is necessary to break the chains that smoking creates in your life.  If you are addicted to smoking purely due to the nicotine addiction you are certainly not alone.  This is one of the biggest reasons why smokers continue to smoke.  It is also one of the reasons why the tobacco company sits around confidently while the economy struggles and people are cutting back.  If you are addicted to their product, you are not going to cut back.  In fact, if you are addicted you may find that you are using the product even more.  This creates huge profits for the tobacco companies, and leaves you with a huge problem as you are struggling to get your addiction under control.

What is really surprising is the fact that people will have sympathy for someone who is addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling and a plethora of other addictions.  However, the sympathy tends to stop at the idea of being addicted to cigarettes.  This is a stigma that has affected society in a way that people are often laughed at for saying that they are addicted to cigarettes.  Yet, the fact remains that people are in fact addicted.  Learning how to control the addiction is critical to success, after all those who are addicted to drugs rarely ever just quit cold turkey successfully.

You need to realize that the only way to completely rid yourself of any bad habit is to change the way your subconscious thinks about that habit.  Changing the way the subconscious thinks about smoking is the key to your success because the subconscious is the part of the brain that controls you. Your subconscious is the part that needs to be fixed in much the same way that your car doesn't run right if you hadn't replaced your sparkplugs.  By relaxing your conscious mind your subconscious becomes more susceptible to suggestion. Do every thing you can to get the right mental attitude about your addiction. Using the EZ Method with a prepared mental attitude makes all the difference in the world.

The reason you haven't been able to quit is that you are addicted to the nicotine.  Using other methods of obtaining this highly addictive drug is not the answer to your problem.  Using any product containing nicotine does not help you loose your dependence on nicotine.  Quite the contrary,  Using products like the patch, Nicorette chewing gum, inhalers and breath sprays only prolongs your addiction. 

Recent studies show that the prolonged use of nicotine in other forms is not only extremely addictive in and of itself, but causes your teeth and your hair to fall out.  Many people become addicted to Nicorette products and even though by taking the product they did in fact quit smoking, they are still addicted to nicotine.  
Once your subconscious learns that you will be much happier and healthier being a non smoker then the healing process is well on its way.

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