During the session you will learn how progressive relaxation works and how it can have a profound, positive influence on your life.  Each session runs app: 2 hours.

After attending one of my stop smoking sessions and following my proven procedure, it is likely that you will no longer experience the desire to smoke.  Best of all, unlike the patch, laser treatments, or most other stop smoking methods, my method normally requires very little willpower.  My progressive relaxation therapy gets right to the very root of the problem by completely addressing the scientific reason why you smoke and eliminating the reason.

If for any reason you ever feel the need for some reinforcement, you are invited to attend any of my stop smoking public sessions anywhere in the country as often as you like at no charge.

Once the therapy begins in the second half a series of positive suggestions will be made which will help re-program your subconscious mind.  All the reasons and benefits of becoming a non-smoker will be impressed into your subconscious mind.  Included with the registration is a FREE Stop smoking CD.   

The Paul Royter Stop Smoking treatment is designed to help eliminate your desire for cigarettes & nicotine forever.  You’ll move, think, hear and concentrate without the slightest effort & you’ll be in  COMPLETE CONTROL during the entire procedure.  You should leave the seminar feeling totally refreshed and very proud of yourself.

The program is designed to WORK FOR EVERYONE.  There are many false interpretations about progressive relaxation therapy and hypnosis.  The method used to create the relaxation does bear some similarities to hypnosis but the individuals are always in complete control of what they are doing and are never placed into a comatose hypnotic trance.   Attending a seminar is a real eye opener especially once you realize just how easy it is to quit, and you start to understand
 ? WHY it works. 

Progressive relaxation works by relaxing your conscious mind.  When this happens your subconscious mind opens up and becomes much more open to suggestion.  Your conscious mind  already knows  that smoking could kill you, but the problem is that 90% of your mind (Your subconscious mind - the part that controls you) thinks it's OK to smoke and it's your subconscious mind that is addicted to the nicotiine. 

The smooth, soothing  voice of Paul Royter should  reprogram  your subconscious mind into realizing that there is absolutely no benefit to smoking whatsoever.  Once this happens your conscious and subconscious minds will no longer be in conflict with each other and it is at this precise moment when your desire to smoke will disappear.... resulting in a much healthier, happier, longer life.